Wednesday, January 05, 2011

002 - I'll miss American TV

As I sit on the couch waiting for Modern Family to start, I am just now realizing I won't be able to just sit and watch TV while I am there. I will have to rely on Hulu to watch the shows the next day. But then again, I'll be in a whole other part of the world, TV really won't be that important. I need to get out and explore, which I fully intend on doing.

I plan on taking a good deal of pictures, but not too many, as I was told to not worry about taking a bunch of pictures but rather concentrate on taking it all in. I'll put some pictures on here I suppose. But look to my Facebook for more. ALSO, if you'd like a postcard. Send me your address and I'll consider it because again, I'll be taking in all the sights and sounds. So really, just enjoy this blog and bombard me with questions when I return.

Lastly, you have probably already seen that I don't really know how to use commas correctly. So this blog might not be "grammatically correct", but screw that, I'll be in Europe.


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  2. Okay Kenny, I switched to English just for you haha

  3. 1.hulu doesnt work over here. you will quickly discover that italy is "outside the region" of most ways to watch tv.
    2. your mailing address will be:
    Kenny Kwaterski
    Loyola University Chicago
    John Felice Rome Center
    Via Massimi 114-A
    Rome, Italy 00136

  4. Dang. How will i keep up with mah showwwws?