Friday, January 14, 2011

006 - Va bene.

I am on fire with this blogging thing. A post each day?!?!?! Che cosa?!?!?! This pace will probably be slowing once classes begin.

Hookay, so... Yesterday, there was some general Italian stuff, lunch, and a shower (which by the way, this used to be a convent so i take minute showers, in. wash. out. no lallygagging). Around evening time, most of the students here went out for a group dinner at a local place. I and a few others however, did not register in time, it's a long story. So, we went on a little dinner of our own (cheaper). I had a delicious pizza with prochuto(?) on it, which is a weird topping (very salty) but awesome. Afterwards, we decided to take a little adventure downtown.

Stopping first in St. Peter's Square in the Vactican, they still have the nativity scene up in the midde (very cool). Other stops included Piazza Novana, Fontana di Trevi, St. Ignatius church and the Forum/Colosseo. Basically we walked A LOT. It's taking a toll on my back and feet, but I'm confident what doesn't kill me only makes me stronger.

Now, I think I am going to be a true Italian here and take a siesta (nap) before dinner. Probably going to have a low key night as we have some heavy duty touring tomorrow.

P.S.  I am disappointed of your (readers of the blog) attempts to skype with me. It's almost like you don't care. Nahh that's not it.


  1. Ok, are you trying to make us all jealous...the Trevi Fountain, Pizza, the Nativity at the Vatican...NICE

  2. haha prosciutto..I'm shocked you've never had it before! buy some and fresh mozzarella and eat little pieces of both together. it's my fave snack yummm.