Sunday, January 16, 2011

007 - James Bond (I had to...mi scusi)

Woke up this morning to find out the Packers crushed the Falcons. What a great way to start the day. And just now found out the dumb ol' Bears won. So it'll be a great match up for the NFC Championship game. But that's not about Italy.

This stuff is: On saturday we went to the Forum and Colosseum. Real cool stuff, really old too. Duh. Took a lot of pictures as you may have seen on facebook. Afterwards we went shopping on the via del corso. (italians have this thing of not capitalizing things like we do here in the states.) It really fun and I got a bus/metro map, because believe me, you need one. Public transit is more of a headache than the CTA. We also had really good spaghetti at this quaint place, I forget the name, but its near the Trevi I know that much. I also had gelato twice.

Sunday: Day trip to Orvieto in Umbria. It was a chill little city on a hill, it had great views and great wine. I got a bottle of white, very sweet and not dry. I'm slowly becoming more aware of the taste that each kind of wine has. And I figure by the end I'll be an expert.

Classes start tomorrow (no MLK day over here). And I know once I've got homework and such I won't be able to blog as much, or as in depth but I'll do my best as I know there's a good number of you reading this. Also once I fall into a routine, the homesickness will get better (I hope) and the time will fly and I won't want to leave. I still can't believe I am here. I'm on the other freakin side of the world-ish.

One more thing, the spring break trip to Tunisia has been cancelled due to all out chaos there now. So it's off to Greece now! I'm very certain I will be doing this trip. It's a bit pricey, but such a great opportunity and what else will I do over those 10 days?

Ciao, buona sera.


  1. Be sure to check out the resturant called Cappello's near the Trevi Fountain...Cousin JoAnn will love it! Good luck with classes tomorrow!

  2. Definitely go to Greece, I've heard it's amazing!

  3. kenny. steal a bus/metro map for your room!